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About the book:
The Peace Warrior by Dena Eakles
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Echo Valley Farm, Ontario, WisconsinEcho Valley Farm is a forty-acre rustic learning center in southwestern Wisconsin, nestled in the Kickapoo River Valley. The land is ancient and undisturbed by the glaciers that leveled the surrounding Midwest. Surrounded by rock outcroppings, Echo Valley derives its name from amazing acoustics. Far from city sprawl, the skies are magnificently lit at night, welcoming awe and delight.

In Quechua the word ini (phonetic spelling) means reciprocity. Giving back for what has been given. It is my hope that Echo Valley represents ini for me.

Throughout my travels, I have had the good fortune to meet individuals who have understood the root of healing to be harmony. Harmony of body, mind and spirit. Harmony with nature and most importantly, harmony within each individual. From my studies in China as an acupuncturist, to healers of India, the Andes, and North America, the understanding has been the same.

However culturally diverse, these friends have held fast to the same basic human principals: kindness, integrity, simplicity, clarity... and the recognition that we are all one People, one Earth, One God.

At Echo Valley we strive to champion these human virtues, to make way for their victory in each heart. That is the ini of Echo Valley. That is my hope in creating it.

Dena Eakles


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