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About the book:
The Peace Warrior by Dena Eakles
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Echo Valley Hope, Inc.

Echo Valley Farm, Ontario, WisconsinEcho Valley Farm is a community sustained farm and learning center in southwestern Wisconsin, nestled in the Kickapoo River Valley. The land is ancient and undisturbed by the glaciers that leveled the surrounding Midwest. Surrounded by rock outcroppings, Echo Valley derives its name from amazing acoustics. Far from city sprawl, the skies are magnificently lit at night, welcoming awe and delight.

Throughout my life, I have had the good fortune to meet individuals who have understood the root of healing to be harmony. Harmony of body, mind and spirit. Harmony with nature and most importantly, harmony within each individual. From my studies in China as an acupuncturist, to healers of India, the Andes, and North America, the understanding has been the same.

However culturally diverse, these friends have held fast to elements of our humanity: kindness, simplicity, clarity, appreciation... and the recognition that we are all one People, one Earth. At Echo Valley we strive to champion these human virtues, to make way for their victory in each heart. That is the offering of Echo Valley. That is my hope in creating it.

Dena Eakles

Feb, 2015 — Now in our 14th year as a community sustained farm, Echo Valley continues to move towards energy independence and food sovereignty. With numerous gardens, we grow healing herbs, indigenous corn, as well as provide the bulk of our food. We enjoy wild foods and have a productive heirloom apple orchard. We supply more than half of our electricity via solar and plan to be 100% as soon as possible.

We strive for peace first in our lives.

We engage in social and environmental transformation throughout our state, region and world. Our focus is celebrating the human spirit and we look to what is possible. We govern by consensus. We share fabulous meals (all diets served), and will open a commercial kitchen this spring.

We have cabins and rooms available on three properties. We are a WWOOF-participating farm.

Our wish list for the 2015 growing season, regardless of skill level or age, would be for people interested in the following: gardening, cooking, orchard care, tending goats, sheep, mules, turkeys, chickens with kindness - this includes working with wool and fiber arts, carpentry, mechanics, and those interested in social activism dedicated to celebrating our humanity and willing to work towards peaceful reclamation of the earth to help with social media, radio, articles, etc.

We offer a two- to four-week trial for those interested in living here. We also welcome short term stays. Please no drugs, no alcohol problems.

Contact us online or call 608-337-4578.


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